Speaking Engagements

I regularly give invited presentations at business and academic conferences and for internal events in companies.

My expertise is in using new big data sources, such as from social media, to understand customers and personalize messages and products. It is also in psychometrics, such as creating personality inventories and ability tests. Sometimes I combine the two, such as when I use social media data to automatically assess personality. You can look at my publications to get a flavour of my latest research.

Please note that I charge a speaking fee for commercial events so that I can spend the proper amount of time to prepare a stellar presentation tailored to the audience.

If you are interested in inviting me to speak, please contact me using the methods listed here with details of your event.

Selected Past Presentations


Speaker at conference on AI and Big Data in Education, organised by Beijing Normal University.

Keynote speaker for Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsibility Research, at ISCTE-IUL Lisbon.

Seminar speaker at the University of Surrey on Big Data Psychometrics: Applications for people management and marketing but how to do it ethically?


Roche on how to use big data in a way that keeps customers comfortable.

ISOQOL Annual Conference, plenary speaker for Big data to support research and health care

Aviva Quantum Data Science conference

Sheffield conference on Ethics, Privacy, Transparency and Bias in Information Retrieval

ThinkBIG workshop on Ethical and Social Challenges posed by Artifical Intelligence.

Academy of Management Symposium on Big Data

I gave a seminar at the Alan Turing Institute on Predicting Human Behaviour using Big Data Models


Invesco on Psychological Marketing

I was invited to The Kings Fund in London to speak on Innovating Patient Reported Outcome Measures at the Ideas that change health care conference.

JBS Business Briefing on Deploying Psychometrics Successfully in an Organisation.

Keynote at the 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment

Cambridge Risk Summit

Cambridge Spark Tech Conference.


The First China-EU Big data and Finance Symposium in Shenzhen, under the beautiful chandaliers.

Shell on 'The Future of HR' for a HR Graduates Conference.

HSBC on 'Leveraging Big Data for Insights into Customers' Psychology'.

The Papers Live event at the famous Cambridge Union on 'What Can Companies Predict with our Data'.

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance conference on 'Assessing Psychological Traits Using Social Media Data'

Business Briefing Webinar on 'Leveraging Big Data for Insights into Customers' Psychology'

Barclays Bank on 'How to Measure the Immeasurable: Creativity', for a workshop on Talent Management.

Expedite HR conference on the importance of data-driven HR, especially in the field of leadership.

Digital Catapult in London on 'Recruiting in the Era of Big Data', organised by Quantize.

Business Briefing to 70 business leaders at BNY Mellon's conference centre titled Big Data through the Prism of Psychology.


The Advanced Leadership Programme at Cambridge Executive Education.

British Gas in London on the topic of understanding customers from their social media data.

Purple Days conference in Warsaw for Mindshare, on how to use social media data to market to consumers more effectively.

Rustat conference on Big Data, held at Jesus College in Cambridge [See Report]


Tesco Data Science conference on Big Data Psychology: Applications in Retail.


Social Media Week London at a Masterclass on Smart Ways to use Big Data

Big Data Dilemma meeting between businesses who want to understand the opportunities and challenges of Big Data.

Chinwag Psych conference.


Unisoft in Paris on 'You are predictable: Inferring psychology from 6 million Facebook profiles.'

The Psychology of Online Influence conference. Slides and an audio recording are available here.

Insight 2.0: The Future of Social Media Analysis on the topic of behavioural profiling based on Facebook Likes.

Social Media Week London at a panel on The Psychology of Online Influence.